Highlights from Growatt at Key Energy 2017

Key Energy 2017 is ceremoniously held from 7th November to 10th November 2017 at the Rimini Expo Centre in Rimini, Italy. Growatt brings innovative technology products like Growatt 30-50K TL3-S, Growatt 8-11K TL3-S, Growatt 5000MTL-S, storage system, SPH6000, SP3000-S, ,etc,which attract visitors at home and abroad and well-known medias.

Photos from the Rimini Expo Centre in Rimini, Italy

ShineLink monitoring system is very popular around the customers, which is only Plug and play, quite simple.

Visitors are excited to communicate with Growatt Italian team, and share PV questions&

Growatt displays the most popular solar inverter, Growatt 30-50K TL3-S, Growatt 8-11K TL3-S, Growatt 5000MTL-S, storage system SPH6000 SP3000-S and Growatt Battery throughout the 4 days, including ShineLink. Many visitors are very interested in SPH 6000, 30-50K, 8-11K and Shinelink, which are already used for more than 100 countries and have a good reputation.

Photos of Growatt’s November Key Energy 2017.

Taken by Growatt Italian team

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