Key Advantageous Features of Growatt’s Single-Phase MTL-S Inverter

The development of PV technologies combined with the increasing demand of residential solar have prompted innovations in solar inverters and technologies that increase ROI for consumers.In response to the market demand, Growatt has developed the ideal inverter solution 7-8K MTL-S for your rooftops.

Excellent Compatibility with Modules

The maximum string input current of Growatt 7-8K MTL-S reaches 12.5A. It can support monofacial or bifacial high efficiency modules of over 300W and it’s also compatible with conventional 260W modules. It has the design of dual MPPTs and three strings, which provides flexibility in system design with modules of different wattage.

High Oversizing Capability

Using Growatt 7-8K MTL-S, the input power can be oversized by up to 130% according to the local sunshine duration and investment. This will make better use of your inverter’s capacity, producing more power overall, and thus maximize overall efficiency of the system and improve your ROI.

High Quality & Reliability

Key components sourced from global top brands are used for MTL-S inverter. Additionally, Growatt use its patented Transistor Press-fit technology for the switch component, which ensures the firm grip on the transistors and efficient cooling of the system.

Compact & Light

The MTL-S inverter is compact, adopting an advanced routing design. It weighs just about 16 kg and is about 20% smaller and lighter than other inverters of the same capacity in the market. That makes the inverter more attractive to installers and end-users.

High Cost-Performance Ratio

Growatt’s MTL-S inverter has a high efficiency of up to 98.4%. Growatt’s advanced technology improves the price performance of the inverter. The inverter has stable and reliable performance at competitive price and is very popular among household users.

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