Lightning Protection Design of Distributed PV System

Overview Lightning is a phenomenon of intense discharge between thunderclouds formed by strong atmospheric convection, or between thunderclouds and the earth. Lightning is generally categorized into direct lightning and induced lightning. Harmful Effects of Lightning Direct Lightning Direct lightning, usually called lightning, has three major effects: thermal effect, electrical effect and mechanical effect. The lightning […]

An Introduction of On-Grid PV Inverter Protective Functions

1.Anti-Islanding Protection An excellent anti-Islanding protective function makes sure the on-grid inverter can handle the unplanned islanding effect reliably. The protection of unplanned islanding effect of on-grid PV inverter should have both active and passive detection schemes. Once the unplanned islanding effect happens, the inverter should stop supplying power to the grid within 2s and […]

Key Advantageous Features of Growatt’s Single-Phase MTL-S Inverter

The development of PV technologies combined with the increasing demand of residential solar have prompted innovations in solar inverters and technologies that increase ROI for consumers.In response to the market demand, Growatt has developed the ideal inverter solution 7-8K MTL-S for your rooftops. Excellent Compatibility with Modules The maximum string input current of Growatt 7-8K […]

PV Inverter Improvements in Industrial & Commercial Domains

The global generation of solar system has grown fast from 2010 because many countries have adapted advanced technologies. Recently, the main focus in distributed PV system, commercial solar system is, how to get rid of subsidy dependence and how to achieve grid parity have become the main problem and urgently require to be solved. Solar […]

Growatt ranked 8th in global PV inverter shipments in 2019

In 2019, global PV inverter shipments increased by 18% on a YOY basis with total shipments reaching 126,735 MW according to the report released by Wood Mackenzie. Growatt shipped a total capacity of over 5GW for the year and ranked No.8 among the inverter suppliers. The company has been pursuing a global strategy of localization […]

Highlights from Growatt at Key Energy 2017

Key Energy 2017 is ceremoniously held from 7th November to 10th November 2017 at the Rimini Expo Centre in Rimini, Italy. Growatt brings innovative technology products like Growatt 30-50K TL3-S, Growatt 8-11K TL3-S, Growatt 5000MTL-S, storage system, SPH6000, SP3000-S, ,etc,which attract visitors at home and abroad and well-known medias. Photos from the Rimini Expo Centre […]

Growatt supports solar solutions in Iran

As Iran continues to expand their solar energy to cope with increasing industrial and commercial demand, Growatt has showcased its innovative range of solutions at 17th international Electricity Exhibition of Iran which focus exclusively on the Electrical industry to be held from 4-7 November 2017 in Tehran International Ground Fair. The objective of this exposition […]

Growatt strengthens its leading market position in Australia

Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre, Australia, Oct 11~Oct 12 – Growatt, the world leading manufacturer and provider of cost-effective photovoltaic inverters with high efficiency , strengthens its market leader position in Australia and continues to grow faster, according to participating in the All-Energy Australia 2017 and visiting local customers recently. All-Energy Australia is the Asia […]