Replacement Procedure

1. Warranty period

For the inverter you purchased, you receive a Growatt factory warranty valid for 5 years from the date of installation and no more than five and a half years from the delivery date from Growatt New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. Standard 5 years factory warranty can be extended to 10 years.

1. Major Failures

In the 5 years standard factory warranty period, customers are entitled to a replacement of the product when inverters are faulty approved by Growatt.

However, Growatt has no responsibility for compensation for any other damage or loss such as transportation and installation cost, call out engineering service fees, and the loss of PV system stop generating energy, etc.

Customers are entitled to have the products repaired or replaced if the goods fail to be of acceptable quality and the failure does not amount to a major failure (See below” Major Failures”).

A ‘major failure’ occurs where:

  1. a) the product acquired by the customer would not have been acquired by a reasonable consumer fully acquainted with the nature and extent of the failure; or
  2. b) the product departs in one or more significant respects from description or sample if supplied by description or sample; or
  3. c) the product is substantially unfit for a purpose for which products of the same kind are commonly supplied and they cannot, easily and within a reasonable time, be remedied to make them fit for such a purpose; or
  4. d) the product is unfit for a disclosed purpose that was made known to Growatt or a person who made any prior negotiations before the purchase was made and the cannot, easily and within a reasonable time, be remedied to make the product fit for such a purpose; or
  5. e) the product is not of acceptable quality because it is unsafe.

1. Warranty Condition

This warranty includes all defects of design, components and manufacturing. Excluded from warranty are damages due to:

  • Breaking the product seal (opening the casing) without proper approval
  • Transport damage
  • Incorrect installation or commissioning
  • Failure to observe the user manual, the installation guide, and the maintenance regulations
  • Unauthorized Modifications, changes, or attempted repairs
  • Incorrect use or inappropriate operation
  • Insufficient ventilation of the device
  • Failure to observe the applicable safety regulations
  • Force majeure (e.g., lightning, over voltage, storm, fire)

1. Warranty Claim

If a device becomes defective during the agreed Growatt factory warranty period and provided that it will not be impossible or unreasonable, the device will be, as selected by Growatt:

  • repaired by Growatt, or
  • repaired on-site, or
  • exchanged for a replacement device of equivalent value according to model and age.

In the latter case, the remainder of the warranty entitlement will be transferred to the replacement device. In this case, you do not receive a new  certificate since your entitlement is documented at Growatt.

Excessiveness in the meaning above exists in particular if the cost of the measures for Growatt would be unreasonable

  • in view of the value that the device would have without the defect,
  • taking into account the significance of the defect, and
  • after consideration of alternative workaround possibilities that Growatt customers could revert to without significant inconvenience.


1. Warranty Procedure

Please note customers have full responsibility to fill in warranty claim forms before they send faulty inverters back to Growatt. If customers don’t fill in warranty claim form according to the following general warranty procedure, Growatt has no responsibility for any returned inverter from these customers and Growatt are entitled to refuses non-qualified claims.

Please read the below notes before fill in Growatt Warranty Claim Form

The general warranty service procedure is:

  1. a) Original customers (end user) can call our service hot line for general enquiry or inverter failure. Our qualified engineer will guide them try to fix it, or confirm the fault.
  2. b)Installers attend site. Installers can call our service hot line when inspecting & troubleshooting inverter onsite. If possible, our qualified engineer will guide you try a quick fix onsite. Installers have the right to replace it if problem doesn’t fix onsite. However, if you had replaced inverters twice for the site (the third inverter is on wall), please contact Growatt for further assistance, field service engineers can attend site if necessary.

Further care for original customer also can be made if required, book on phone or via email.

  1. c)Customers (Here customers include installer, distributor, or even end user) fully complete Growatt Warranty Claim Form onsite before take faulty inverter off wall. Form with insufficient or incorrect faulty descriptions will cause rejection, and delay of replacement release.
  2. d)Customers send faulty inverters with Warranty Claim Form to our service center.

Note: if a replacement is required firstly, please just send the Growatt Warranty Claim Form to us, we also can consider to send the replacement prior, in such cases we will inspect the unit once it returned to Growatt.

  1. e)Our qualified repair engineer will inspect & test returned inverters carefully. No fault description or incorrect description will cause tremendous delays. No fault found inverters will return to the original customer with test report.
  2. f)Generally, we can release replacement inverters in 5 working days. However, we will notify customer the delay of replacement release if inverters returned with insufficient or incorrect faulty descriptions.
  3. g) Once the faulty inverter been replaced with a replacement inverter onsite, the “Replacement Information” area on Growatt Warranty Claim Form is required to be filled in and return form to Growatt.
  4. h)Signature or seal stamp is required for a valid Growatt Warranty Claim Form can be accepted by Growatt.
  5. i) Customers may be required to provide the inverter warranty card, original purchasing & installation invoice, or other related materials. This is also stated on the Growatt warranty card comes with product. Growatt may refuse to service, if customers failed to provide.
  6. j)For some country / regions that not covered either by Growatt service center or service agent, we can provide 1% of replacement stock (according to sales order) to customers. However, service replacement stock is the property belongs to Growatt, customers can not sell it, or dispose it. Growatt written permission is required when customer want to use it as service replacement.

1. Contact

For warranty claim or technical support please contact our service center:

Headquarter: Service hot line: +86 755 27471942


Subsidiary contact:

Australia  T: 0061 2 80651298

Germany  T: 0049 69 97461245

UK  T: 0044 75 80075155

US  T: 001 6268024638